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BUYA eCommerce Marketplace

Our eCommerce solution integrates your store seamlessly to the Web and eBay.  Bravo eliminates all of the duplication and extra effort.

Software as a Service

Bravo offers a range of complete services to choose from and you only pay for what you want.  In the Cloud, Secure, Safe, Reliable, Powerful, with all basic services from $49.00 per month.

Product BI & Quality Assessment

Bravo offers product evaluation and quality assessment services.  Bravo’s Product BI – Business Intelligence easily shows you summary and detail analysis to help you make well informed decisions.

Task Manager

Today’s never ending business regulation, Bravo prides itself in doing more so you can spend more time with your customers.  Bravo makes your day easy and organizes your tasks.  No more having to remember or reminding your employees what needs to be completed.

Our Mission

To help store operators exceed expectations by offering Big Software Services affordably, easy to use, without the burden of complicated hardware.  Our mission is to furnish best of class computing resources to enable you to operate efficiently utilizing today’s technologies and social networks.  Your success is our Mission.

Our History

We started out as store operators ourselves.  In 1988, we launched our first inventory management product on the Apple IIe.  This led us in developing a complete store Point-of-Sale operating system utilizing Microsoft DOS.  Windows was our next prelude of advanced software development and then Enterprise Multi-Store operating system with integrated eCommerce and eBay.  Our team has been acknowledged with awards and case studies by Microsoft and eBay.  During this time our products were for private use only.  During this time $20 million was invested in our technologies and processes distinguishing our product as a world-class leader in business intelligence driving superior performance.

In 2010, Bravo’s 3 partners gathered to create the greatest store platform ever created for everyone to use.  Our products of the past cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to setup and operate.  Partnering with Microsoft, IBM, and eBay, we committed ourselves to build a Global Platform for all Countries, Languages, and Currencies.  A platform to accommodate the first time business owner and multi-unit operator, as well a Fortune 1000 company.

We see our dream unfolding each day in providing today's necessary social marketing tools, an integrated eCommerce platform, powerful Big Data providing insight to business as never before, with a design that makes your experience educational and fun.

Bravo empowers store owners, its employees, and drives customers to your front door.

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