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Welcome to Bravo Support

Emergency Support

Bravo includes, without charge, 365/24/7 live mission critical support.

Ticket System

Need help or want to make a suggestion? We love your input! Bravo allows all users to submit any questions and suggestions through our ticket system.

Training Support

Our customers enjoy free live training phone support for the first 30 days on Bravo! Our live training support is available Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm Pacific Time.*

Bravo News

This year we launched Bravo News. We broadcast straight from Bravo's Dashboard the latest features, quick tips, factoids, and sometimes great recipes each week.

Training Portal

Bravo also includes a state-of-the-art online learning center that includes videos, FAQs, the Bravo Blog, our user Wiki, easy search by topic, and a documentation archive.

Ongoing Education

We love to teach you more about Bravo! Webinars and Live Chat are included with Bravo! Our Education Team hosts weekly webinars that cover a variety of features to teach all skillsets, from beginner to expert users. Have a question or want to learn something one-on-one?

Daily Q & A

We offer a questions and answers session every weekday. You can sign up ahead of time, and our education team will be available to answer all of your questions.

Free Upgrades

Bravo’s Development team delivers new features every 3-4 weeks. Our products are of the highest quality, are rigorously tested, and all are intended to help you run your business better.

*Optional extended live training phone support is available for one full year at only $199.00 per workstation.

Bravo Hardware

Bravo requires the least amount of hardware of any other software product to operate your store, which saves you thousands of dollars in upfront costs, and additional annual maintenance expenses.  We selected common most popular printers and scanners so you can shop, compare, and find the best deal. If you are on a tight budget, many pre-owned hardware devices work perfectly. Bravo works with all major brands.

Once you have your hardware and Internet connection ready, Bravo is ready to install, and within 2 hours your store can be configured and ready for business.

Bravo Click Once technology is fast, reliable, efficient, and secure. We look forward in helping you find the right solution, please give us a call.

Bravo Store System Requirements

Bravo Workstation Computer

Windows 7 or 8 Professional

Component      Requirements
ProcessorProcessorMinimum Dual Processor with 1.4GHz Intel/AMD
MemoryMinimum 4 GB
Disk Space100 MB Minimum for Bravo Application Load
Display1024 x 768 or Higher / must support Direct X 10.1 or higher

System configurations stated above are only minimums. Processor performance is dependent upon not only the clock frequency of the processor, but also on the number of cores and the size of the processor cache. Disk space requirements for the system partition are approximate. Additional available hard disk space may be required if you are installing over a network.

Hardware Recommendations

Label Printer

Zebra 10/100 Ethernet Label Printer

The ultra-compact TLP 2824 Plus™ barcode label printer, for print widths up to 2.2 inches/56 mm, brings powerful performance to applications requiring both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. It includes a 32-bit RISC processor for faster formatting and first label, co-resident EPL and ZPL programming languages.Bravo requires 10/100 Ethernet Option for printing jewelry butterfly labels and general merchandise rectangular labels. Ethernet is required.

Zebra Model: 282P-101510-000 or
Zebra Model: 282P-101512-000 which includes the cutter.

Receipt Printer

Star Receipt Printer USB or Ethernet

The Star TSP143U FuturePRNT is a fast printer. It's the All-In-One-Box Miracle coupling amazing features and high reliability of 60 million lines and Guillotine Auto Cutter with 1 million cuts at an affordable price. Utilizing industry standard USB1.1 / 2.0 Support and for Network 10/100 Ethernet.

Ethernet Network Version: Star Model number TSP143LAN, Part Number: 39463110 or
USB Local Version: Star Model number TSP143U, Part Number: 39461210

Report and Ticket Printer

Laser printers that support the HPGL2 print language by HP and single tray are supported natively in Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Only Ethernet versions of the printers are compatible with Bravo

HPLaserJet P203NHP;
LaserJet Pro 1606DNHP;
LaserJet P4014NHP; or
LaserJet Pro CP1525NW

Barcode Scanner

USB Barcode Scanners

Bravo can utilize a wider variety of barcode scanners, almost any scanner that is supported by Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7 will operate in Bravo.

Handheld Products Model: 3800G USB;
Metrologic Model: MS1690 Focus;
Symbol Model: LS 2208;
Symbol Model: LS 4208;
Symbol Model: LS 1203; or
Honeywell Model: MS9535

Cash Drawer

Industrial grade steel ball bearing slides ensure effortless performance and durability. A robust latch mechanism and a proven four-function lock assembly offer several levels of security. Flexible storage space maximizes efficiency. These features, along with various sizing, color and customization options make the Series 4000 Cash Drawer another reason for APG's reputation as the preferred choice.

APG Series 4000 USB HID Compatible

Card Scanners

ID Scanners OCR / No OCR

The ScanShell 800NR is a portable A6 card scanner which is the perfect scanning solution for a variety of media and ID cards including; business cards, bank checks, driver's licenses, ID cards (Image only) and photos. The scanner is attached to the computer's USB port thereby requiring no external power supply.
Its innovative compact design has a very small footprint which makes it ideal for both mobile and desktop use. The ScanShell 800NR is TWAIN compatible and ROHS compliant making this the perfect solution for scanning, managing and saving the images of any documents.

ScanShell Model: 800NR or
ScanShell Model: 800R

Fingerprint Scanner

The USB fingerprint reader featuring an elegant, sleek design with a soft, cool blue glow and, of course, the unsurpassed performance DigitalPersona is known for. Made for power-users and shared environments, the 4500 is the natural choice for those who want and need the very best.

DigitalPersona 4500

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bravo?

Bravo is a complete store operating system that includes all of today's technologies in ONE.
· Bravo is an ECO Enterprise for large Companies. · Bravo is a point-of-sale.
· Bravo is an inventory management system.
· Bravo is Mobile.
· Bravo is eCommerce.
· Bravo can run all types of retail brick and mortar businesses, including those engaged in pre-owned goods.

Whether your business is Pawn, consignment, or buy and sell, Bravo has you covered. We can even accommodate retail and kiosk businesses.

Can Bravo work outside of the United States?

Yes. We currently operate in the United States, Sweden, and Mexico with localized currencies, taxes, regulations, and languages. Bravo can accommodate over 100 different countries.

Is my data safe on the cloud?

Your data is sacred to you. We have invested in Business Class technologies and have partnered with IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. Bravo stores your data at the most secure data storage facility in the country, The Switch SuperNap.  Learn more

What if my Internet goes out?

If you have included a hotspot to back up your primary ISP (Internet Service Provider), you are protected. This is the same logic as a battery backup.
Our customers have enjoyed using Bravo on the Cloud without any downtime since we launched our services in 2010

What is is our eCommerce marketplace for our Bravo users to seamlessly and instantly leverage inventory to the World Wide Web.One hundred percent of your inventory is fed daily into Google, Bing, and Yahoo to create instance exposure to hundreds of millions of online shoppers. Plus, we drive traffic your online store using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Can I use my own hardware?

Yes. Whether you use a PC or an Apple with a PC environment, Bravo runs like a dream. Bravo also supports complete wireless store operating environments.

What is the Cloud?

The Bravo Cloud is a world-class data center housed in the safest and best facility in the United States where you can operate your business and have 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.
Managing your computer is very important and has become very complicated today. With Bravo, your computing resources are professionally managed while meeting the highest standards and mission critical availability.
The cloud offers better insight and visibility allowing for rapid development of new products and services. No more server crashes and lost data! The results are proven! Companies that have switched to the cloud have seen a 25% reduction in IT costs, a 55% increase in efficiency, and 49% increased employee mobility.

Can I back up my data on my own?

Yes. Bravo offers an optional off-site data backup solution located anywhere our customers want.

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